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Textiles and tunes

I was thrilled to be asked by the talented Mr Andrew Major if he could feature my textile art on his single.

You can hear his song here.

The piece was made with acrylic on calico and embellished with free machine embroidery (my favourite thing to do!)

I have been playing around with acrylic on calico and free machine embroidery and have created quite a stash. Now I have the problem with what to do with it all! One thing I have done is to embellish some simple canvas tote bags.

As well as the painted calico, I have been using printed tissue papers turned into paper fabric and stitched with some free machine embroidery. I made the paper fabric by using my gelli plate to print onto tea bag paper which I then glued onto muslin. Sometimes I tear the tea bag paper into strips before gluing. There is something very satisfying about printing, stencilling, tearing, gluing and stitching. Add a podcast through my headphones while I work @summerhouse65 and it is the perfect therapy.

Some of the podcasts I have been listening to recently have been: The High Low, Bed of Lies, Noble Blood, Roots Wings and other things, You're wrong about, Where should we begin with Esther Perel and The Guardians Today in Focus. I also love the dramas and book of the week on Radio 4.

Unless I really need to concentrate on stitching something straight or doing something complicated, I find I can listen through headphones (essential otherwise the sewing machine drowns the sound out!) and work at the same time. A perfect way to binge listen several episodes!

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