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Kaleidoscope Lap Top Case

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

It says to start a blog post with a catchy title - that isn't always an easy thing to do. What catches the eye of one person can sound cheesy or trite to another. This post title is factual and descriptive rather than catchy! It concerns the making of a lap top case, I have made three of these, one for me, one for my daughter and one to sell.

They were great fun to make, although so expensive in time and embellisher machine needles! I doubt I will make another, so this one really is one of a kind.

The case is needle felted in warm colours and hand embellished with free machine embroidery. I made it into a real rainbow and kaleidoscope of colour and lined it with thick upholstery fabric to cushion your lap top.

It started out life as a pile of little fluffy bits of wool - the type you see caught on the hedgerows when the sheep are in the fields. These wool tops have of course been washed and dyed before use (not by me though!) I then lay them onto a backing fabric and using my embellisher machine which has a series of little barbed needles, attach the wool tops to the backing fabric. This process is called needle felting and always produces a unique piece of felt depending on the layers of colour you use. I sometimes trap lengths of ribbon or sheer fabric within the layers and always finish off the piece with either hand or machine embroidery to make it truly unique.

The lining is red upholstery fabric to make it extra safe against accidental damage.

It will fit a 13" lap top and is made in a pouch style. My daughter uses hers at work and always gets lots of compliments. I am really pleased with the way this one has turned out and I hope that this cover will find its way to a new home one day.

If you value unique and practical items, then have a look at this lap top case in my shop. Follow this link to take you right there.

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