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Playing Hooky

Sitting in the shade of the apple tree, I had an overwhelming desire to pick up that hook and do some #crochet this week. Looking through my stash of yarn, I decided to mix a couple of different ones and create these storage containers. The blue boucle and orange fancy yarn one took on the look of a crazy birds nest and the pink one was matched with a variegated blue/grey/lilac yarn which made every row different from the one before.

They really are unique and can be used in every room of the house to hold those useful items that are difficult to home. From the bathroom to the bedroom and every room and hallway in between, there is bound to be a place for a #Summerhouse65 handmade crochet knicknac pot.

Pencils and crochet hooks, sweets and candy, loose change, make up and cotton balls, a favourite vase of #flowers or a plant, a collection of conkers or marbles - the only restriction is your #imagination!

They are available in the #Etsyshop - go on, have a look and see who you would buy one for. They are perfect gifts - just roll them up and put them in the pos

What would you use them for?

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