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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Down at Summerhouse65 we always try to help out the environment whenever possible by providing houses and gorgeous flowers for the birds and bees. This year we have successfully hatched and fledged two families of blue tits and one of starlings. The sparrows are continually breeding so we have lost count of how many babies are living under the eaves of the house.

Today while doing a bit of a summer clean at Summerhouse65, I found that an insect had used a leaf to close the door of its tube in the bug house. It had made a perfect semicircle in one of the rose leaves. After a bit of research, I think that this is all down to the solitary patchwork leaf cutter bee.

The bug house is in an ideal spot under the eaves of the summerhouse and is home to all sorts of insects that shut themselves away for weeks on end. My dad made it for me out of bamboo from his garden so it is a lovely reminder of him and his creative skills. He was always making and inventing something and he would be thrilled that bees have taken up residence.

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